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All your accounts in one place

Gather the new posts from your favorites’ social networks and RSS feeds* and see all of them in a blink.

* : The RSS Feeds help you to subscribe to your websites, blogs and favorites’ Tumblr. You will directly receive their new posts.

A unique and customizable way to follow your news

Go quickly through your news according to your preference.

Organise your news feed by category, and sort them out as you like, by their popularity or in chronological order.

Access only on what you would like to read.

When we love, we do not count

Don’t wait to follow all the accounts of your favorite’s celebrity.

On Poulpit, you can gather all those accounts and don’t read the same thing twice.

In the example below, we gathered the ‘So Foot’ accounts belonging to their website, and also their Instagram’s profile. This helps to gather the contents they post on those platforms.

Simply save and share content

Share any content of your news feed on a variety of services.

Evernote, Pocket, Instapaper, Tumblr, Pinterest, Delicious or Flipboard

to save what matters to you.

Google+, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Buffer or by mail

to share it to your friends, your workmates or your followers.